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Did you know people can work at home assembling electronics? Many people have jobs assembling electronics in the comfort of their homes. The jobs may seem hard to find but you've found some of them. Here is a collection of work at home electronics assembly jobs. Some of the jobs involve assembling circuit boards. Instructions will be provided. These are legitimate work at home jobs. The names and addresses of the companies are included so you can write to them for more information about the jobs.

People can work at home assembling electronic devices for Electro Technology. If home workers need help their technician will assist them by phone. For more information please send a self addressed stamped envelope to Electro Technology, 11770 Haynes Bridge Road, #205, Box 358-NH, Alpharetta, GA 30004.

People can work at home assembling circuit boards for Electronic Laboratories. It takes less than 20 minutes to assemble one circuit board. Write to Electronic Laboratories, Inc., Industrial Control Systems, P.O. Box 2308, Newman, GA 30264 for more information.

Hildy Licht Company has work at home jobs doing electronic assembly work, making PC boards, reworking and other work. For more information write to Hildy Licht Co., 897 Independence #3B, Mountainview, CA 94043. The website is  

Key Partners has work at home for mechanical and electrical assemblers. You must live in Canada or the U.S. to do this work. It involves working with small pieces. You must have assembly experience. To apply for this job mail your resume to Key Partners, Inc., 216 Lafayette Road, North Hampton, NH 03862.

People can work at home assembling circuit boards for The Cottage Program at GE Harris Harmon. They must be able to pick up and drop off the work. No experience is necessary but soldering experience is helpful. Interested people should apply in person at the Administration Building, 30605 Argo Road, Grain Valley, Missouri.

The Mark Martin Association has several home based jobs including electronics and sports jobs. No experience is necessary. You can work at home full time or part time. Write to the Mark Martin Association, 92 Brighton 11th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11235 for more information.

TechBix wants people to assemble electronics at home for them. TechBix sells electronic muscle stimulation systems. They have an outlet for the systems. No experience is required to do the work and the systems are easy to assemble. Instructions are included. For more information write to TechBix, 4173 Main Street, Suite 300, Bridgeport, CT 06606.

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