Why do some People Feel Threatened in an Office Environment

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"Why do some People Feel Threatened in an Office Environment"
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Some people get extremely nervous in an office environment, even if they have been in that office for a long time. Partly, this can be because they spend so much time working that they don't realise that there are people around them, and that the interaction with these people is just as important as the work itself.

A lot of people have excellent communication skills, however, when it comes to working relationships, they find it hard to be around large crowds. People like these are better suited to small offices. A good way to get to know fellow co-workers is to go out to lunch together once in a while. This is particularly convenient if there is an office canteen.

A lot of people are also extremely shy, and don't like other people looking at their private property eg photographs. It is inevitable that you will send personal emails or make private phonecalls at some point during work. Again, many people don't want other people to hear what they are saying, or to come by and read what they are writing to their partner or family member etc.

Office dynamics plays an important role in one's work life, and if one neglects this aspect at work, then they will feel extremely threatened in the office. Sometimes, we can feel threatened and we don't even realise that this is happening for a long, long time.
A time when we can feel particularly threatened is when there is an intake of new employees. New employees often bond very well with each other. It also means that you no longer no everybody in your office, and you no longer feel as comfortable as you used to.

The lay-out of the office can make a huge impact on how comfortable you feel working there. If there is no-one facing you but a blank wall, it can feel extremely lonely. If you are not facing, or even sitting near your boss/superviser it can be very hard to communicate with them. You cannot tell if they are busy with work, or whether they have got time for you to quickly ask/update them about something.

All offices differ, which is why it is even more daunting for some people. People who really threatened by an office environment, should try and think about the things which they find upsetting about this kind of environment, and perhaps ask about them at a job interview, before accepting a job. It is a good idea to try and find out about the people who work there. Is there a social life? Do people go for pub drinks after work? Do people chat while they are working, or is there always dead silence?

These are just a few of the reasons why many people feel threatened by an office environment.

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