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What is the Impact of new Technology in the Workplace

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"What is the Impact of new Technology in the Workplace"
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Technology has had an incredible impact on today's workplaces. Years ago, most tasks were tediously performed or analyzed by hand, but nowadays, with the click of a button, a vast amount of information is able to be processed or pulled up for evaluation.

While this capability is astonishing, it is possible installing new technology in the work place can make or break a business. The successful implementation of technology in an organization is dependent on the strategies management comes up with in the decision making process when installing it.

Technology is a necessary component of doing business nowadays, but many businesses are hesitant to take on this cost. Ultimately as technology progresses, older systems do eventually need updates. Companies should not just look at this as an expense, but as a strategic opportunity. Implementing new technology offers a unique way for your company to develop a distinct advantage in a highly competitive market. Many businesses have recognized this potential and are integrating the latest technologies into the workplace with strategy in mind.

To utilize technology to its capacity, upgrading should be viewed as an excellent chance to increase your competitive advantage. Since many of the traditional business models are changing with the integration of technology, your company can creatively make use of upgrades to achieve success from the benefits digital innovation offers.

Information systems (IS) have a defining role in today's business environment offering your business new ways to achieve your goals. Plans to install new technology systems can succeed or fail depending on how you visualize and explore the potential. If the potential is accurately assessed, the possibilities are vast, but conversely, a limited vision can impact your success.

Using current technology also creates a competitive advantage by enhancing your current business practices by streamlining tasks through automation. Using enterprise resource systems, processes can be restructured, and you can effectively reduce man-hours; it also saves network resources by eliminating data redundancy, which is both very cost-effective. Departments can interact and check the status of an order, a delivery or service order from any given part of the value chain.

All of these capabilities allows for better competitive advantage because your tasks will run more efficiently, ultimately saving you both time and money in researching information. With strategically installed technologies, quick processing and valuable data is available right at everyone's fingertips.

A word of caution, if you are considering doing an overhaul and implementing new computer systems, this may not bode well with your employees. Change is difficult and when making such a significant change, it is important to keep everyone abreast of the new transformations. Injecting new technologies in the office can cause disruption in your organization's cultural environment because it is often a necessity your business processes will need to be redesigned with new systems; this impacts staff routines. Change is often difficult, and this is an area where new technology has a huge impact on the workplace. Strong communication can help alleviate some of your employees' concerns.

Despite the challenges, businesses must adapt and integrate technologies in order to keep afloat in a highly competitive atmosphere. With innovative thinking, businesses can utilize IS systems to their advantage and increase their share of the market, or even create a new segments., Google and eBay are perfect examples of businesses who made fantastic success based upon new business models. Their entire structures are built around the Internet and they are at the top of their respective markets generating a lot of revenue.

The Internet provides vast inter-connectivity and companies can utilize this to coordinate and bring about better efficiency. E-commerce is exploding and companies that do not get on the bandwagon in all probability will find themselves left behind. Two important strategies in achieving a successful place in the market are differentiating your product and achieving cost leadership (Shapiro and Varian, 1999). More and more companies are recognizing this and it has revolutionized many business environments.

What's important is you need to identify your business' own requirements and evaluate the processes in order to find which method(s) will benefit both the company and your consumer market. Simply implementing the latest technologies will be worthless if your business does not explore the ways to use it advantageously.

The impact of technology is what a business opts to make of it. Technology is the wave of the future. Before investing funding in new technology, it is a good idea to search for ways to research the possibilities and discover the many ways to make it work for your company to attain a distinct advantage and make the investment worthwhile.

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