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Sqf 2000 Iso 9000 Management Review

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The SQF Management System is a series of discussions and objectives for a food handling organization to strive to satisfy. It is based, in part, on the International Quality System model, ISO 9001:2000. The approach is to organization the desired information into some reasonable order, then issue requirements through an explanation of each topic.

This particular topic, Management Review, is provided to direct Executive or Senior management in appraising the status and progress of implementing the internal SQF Quality system. The SQF requirement reads simply;

Senior Management shall be responsible for reviewing the SQF 2000 system and documenting the review procedure.

This quote can be found at paragraph of SQF 2000.

Every process of the Quality Management System will be reviewed for its continuing suitability in satisfying the intentions and requirements; such review will occur during each scheduled meeting. This is also presented in the SHALL requirement format;

SQF The SQF 2000 system in its entirety shall be reviewed at least annually.

The idea here is for Senior Management's direct reports to collect information related to their specific area of responsibility as regards progress and status then report it during the Management Review meeting. A meeting like this may sound like it could take forever but that is why there is always one person assigned to be in charge; the SQF Practitioner.

The SQF Practitioner is the person delegated the responsibility to ensure an acceptable SQF Quality system gets established, documented, implemented and maintained. The Management Review meeting is conducted for the benefit of Management but is generally; or perhaps most effectively, handled by the SQF Practitioner.

The SQF Practitioner is the one individual who must be knowledgeable of all sections and processes of SQF. It is their duty to ensure the system gets properly documented and that everyone understands the end result. Who better to head up a meeting designed to track the progress of such a system.

In the beginning it is best to schedule the Management Review for about once a month as their will, no doubt, be significant activity and progress immediately. As the system gets in place and starts to mature, it would be fair to relax the schedule out to once a quarter. I would advise against meeting any less than that. The objective of the meeting is to inform about problems, bottlenecks, successes and status. To wait much longer than three months to report such matters could be a waste of time. Many organizations simply keep the monthly schedule since most other progress and measurables are also evaluated monthly.

The review will progress through each primary element of the internal SQF system with the applicable owner of that element providing a brief report on the status and progress of that element. Such as; completion of documents, revisions, results, problems, etc. The venue should always be an open one to allow all members to comment on the facts of each other member's report. The idea is to end up with a good profile of just how well the company is performing within the guidelines they have set for themselves.

Management Review is the best opportunity Senior Management will have to get a true picture of just how the SQF efforts are helping them. Properly done, the benefits can be limitless.


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