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How to make money refurbishing furniture.

Do you have an old piece of furniture that you love but it has seen better days? Don't throw it out and replace it with something new and costly. Unfortunately newer furniture isn't usually as well made as the older stuff and usually is made of cheaper products. If you have the vision and are willing to embrace a little hard work don't throw away your old furniture, recycle it!

 It is fairly easy and cheap to refurbish furniture, but like most things, it is a skill and the best thing is that if you enjoy doing it, you can make some extra money by buying old furniture and recycling it and re-selling. It is a great way for someone with a little creativity, an ability to see what can be, and a few bucks. Some furniture will just need to be sanded and have a few coats of stain and sealer applied to look brand new.

Some may take more work to make it sellable like new hardware or fixing a drawer but these are all factors you have to take into consideration when you are ready to sell. Keeping it simple when you start out will also help you to get that feel for the pieces. Work refinishing other people’s things may take some time to work up to and build your reputation up enough even if you take some classes or do an apprenticeship it will still take time.

 For those who want to make a living at refurbishing furniture, it is a matter of skill, if you are meticulous in your work and have what they call a "feel" for the furniture, you can do this. An example is an old wooden chair that you picked up for 5 bucks at a thrift store. It is sturdy and well made other than some superficial scratches it is in great condition. You sand it completely, and decide to paint it instead of stain it. You decide to paint it a deep blue with an offbeat tribal pattern across the top in silver, hand painted. Now you can re-sell the chair for at least $20 up to about $40 depending on the market for it in your area. These small projects are more a learning experience and may not be some of your best work, but start with small projects and work your way up to large pieces of furniture, you never know it could pay off big for you!

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