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Motivating Employees to do a Good Job

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"Motivating Employees to do a Good Job"
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When leadership creates an environment that all employees can produce work that is above expectations, employees will feel good because they have produced high quality work. This environment would be filled with enthusiasm and excellent outcomes, all individuals would have positive attitudes and feel valued and appreciated for all their accomplishments. The bigger question is how to create this type of environment where employees are energized and motivated.

It is important to recognize that individuals come to workplace with different needs and goals. Motivated employees are more likely to look for the best way to perform their job and meet or go beyond expectations. Leadership should be meeting with employees individually to identify what their goals are and what managements expectations are. This is a forum to have the opportunity to mutually agree on goals that the employee will feel good about.

Employees like to know that management notices their efforts by giving the employee specific feedback in a timely manner. All employees want to receive recognition and acknowledgement . When employees receive positive words, this will encourage employees to continue producing good work. Constructive criticism is a useful tool to help an employee make any necessary changes so that they will feel more successful at their job.

If employees seem to be in a period of low morale or are experiencing difficulty reaching goals, management needs to step in and talk with them. Even if the employee does not open up and communicate what is wrong, often they will appreciate that you even noticed and often their work will improve.This is a time for management to use good listening skills. Explore what would be most helpful for them and see if a solution can be reached.

When employees make a mistake, do not treat the employee like it is the end of the world. Everyone can make a mistake, instead help the employee to look at the mistake like it is a opportunity y for learning. The worst thing any manager can do is to humiliate an employee and take away their credibility. Never discuss mistakes with an employee in front of other employees, they should be taken to another area that is private and take a look at why it happened.

Managers need to create and continue this environment where the employees feel motivated. People like to be challenged and learn to look at existing issues in a new way. In collaboration with each other they need to identify what works well and what does not. The ability to generate new ideas and challenge the old ways will motivate employees to come up with solutions. Management needs to identify employees who enjoy creating new ideas and like to improve things. Often the remaining employees that have not been as motivated will also be stimulated by this type of behavior.

Managers need to recognize strong performance quickly because the sooner the recognition happens the bigger the impact will be.. Make their successes visible and communicate their achievements to the organization. Never take employees for granted and help to create the environment where employee feel motivated. Someone has to take charge and create this environment of motivated employees.

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