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How to Make Money from Home without a Computer

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"How to Make Money from Home without a Computer"
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How did we manage to get along without the Internet or computer? Both the Internet and computer are fairly new inventions and while they make it easier to make money, it is possible to make money without them. Here are a few ideas.

Start a lawn mowing business. The key here is advertising. You can contact friends, family people in your church and neighborhood. Many supermarkets have a community bulletin board. You can post an ad there. If you can contact a Realtor or banker, you may be able to work out a deal to mow lawns at houses that have been foreclosed on. Since I live in Indiana, the mowing season is roughly 28 weeks per year. If you mow 5 lawns per week and make $30 per mowing for 30 weeks, that's $4,200 per year. That's just mowing 1 yard per day each week day. Obviously if you mow larger lawns and charge more, or mow more lawns, you will make more money. You can also extend this service to raking leaves and shoveling snow. You will all ready have a base of clients that you mow lawns for, now check to see if they want their leaves raked or snow shoveled.

Cleaning houses is another way to make some money. If you can find houses in a wealthy neighborhood, you could make some money there. You also may be able to make an arrangement with a Realtor or banker to clean foreclosures.

Painting. If you have some talent painting, you can paint barns, fences or houses inside and out.

Handyman service. If you are a handyman this could be very beneficial. Many people need help fixing things. There are many older people that could use a handyman. There are also many people that just aren't very handy. In my case, I am a bookkeeper and I am a terrible handyman. Most of the time it would be much better for our house if I would hire a handyman instead of me trying to fix something.

Bookkeeping. If you are good handling books, you can start a bookkeeping business. You can hook up with the handyman, painter, house cleaner or lawn mower and help them out. There are also many other small businesses and farmers that would be interested in hiring a bookkeeper.

Baking/decorating cakes. If you like to bake, there are many people that bake and decorate cakes for birthdays, weddings and other special occasions.

Baby sitting. You can baby sit either on the weekends, weekday evenings or even try a full time day care. The keys to a day care is to have the necessary credentials to have the day care and also do not baby sit for more kids than you can handle.

I am sure that you can think of many more businesses that you can start. The keys to being successful is to advertise, offer a fair price and be dependable.

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