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"How to Increase your Avon Sales"
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You can make decent money selling Avon if you diligently and systematically increase your sales. There are two main ways to increase your sales, one is by increasing your client base and the other is buy encouraging your existing clients to buy more. First we'll talk about finding new clients.


 The most successful way to gain more clients is to blitz a territory. Order one hundred brochures or fliers, then make up a little introduction on your computer, print it and staple it to the front of all the brochures. Include a brief bio, how the ordering works and a word about the 100% money back guarantee. Personalizing the brochure is more effective than just dropping one at the door with only your name on the back as people generally feel more comfortable buying from someone they know something about.

 Out of 100 brochures, you should get a few phone calls. Take their orders and phone numbers. For the next three campaigns, continue to blitz the neighbourhood. You will garner a few more calls. Wait about six months then drop one last brochure at the doors. Return once more before Christmas. That should be effective in harvesting all the clients from that neighbourhood. Move on to a new neighbourhood and start the process again. Of course you will keep the ones you found and continue to visit their homes and leave the new brochures for them.

 Double up

 When delivering an order to your existing customer, double up on the brochures. Giving out two brochures will encourage her to pass the other along to a friend or neighbour.

 Hire helpers

 After you have dealt with a customer for a while, and have built a good rapport, ask her to work for you. Tell her if she passes around the brochure at work and gets orders for you, you will give her a discount or free product. Everyone loves a discount or free product and its a great way to reach people you wouldn't normally have contact with.

Your manager as a resource.

 Your manager is there to help you find new clients, so tap into her resources. Managers get phone calls and emails constantly from people looking for Avon reps. If you show a keen interest in serving the customers she will likely pass some names along to you.

Sometimes managers go out canvassing in malls and at business fairs in order to find new reps. If you help her at the booths she will no doubt give you the names of any clients she harvests while working with you. Also managers are great sources for old expired campaign brochures. You can use these as samples to blitz for new clients. Put on the front of the brochure “sample catalogue. For current catalogue please call me.”


 Avon offers fundraisers for schools and sports teams. While you won't make any money from these, they are a great way to find new clients. Many have not ordered Avon in years or the fundraiser may be the first time they have ordered product. Now they will need a regular rep, and there you are ready to serve their future needs.

 The next step in your plan to increase sales is to encourage your existing clients to buy more product. There are several ways to do this and they are all easy.

 Follow up

 By far, the most important step in gaining more sales is the follow up. It can be intimidating but it is so worth it, as you will see your sales doubling through this method alone. Two or three days before the order is to go in, you sit down at the phone and call all your clients. This is not a sales job, but a courtesy call. All you say is this.. “Hi Mrs. X, this is (your name) from Avon. I'm just calling to let you know I'll be putting my order in on Friday, I didn't want to miss you incase there was something you wanted this time around.” That's it! Not so hard. Usually the customer will say “oh thanks for reminding me, there was something actually.” or they will say “oh, I don't think so, not this time.” It is better to do the follow ups by phone, but if you are particularly shy, you can also do it by email, but not everyone checks their email once a day so if you are going to go the email route, better to do it a week ahead of the deadline.


 Samples are great for getting the product into the hands of clients. You can toss the little envelopes of skin care into the orders or you can bring along a bottle of perfume to let the customer smell. Don't just stop at consumable products, if you are wearing jewellery, clothing or have toys from Avon bring those along to point out to the client.

 Your own advertising

 Don't just rely on the text inside the brochure to sell the product. Get out your pen and circle things in the brochure you really like and write something beside it in your own handwriting like “I LOVE this shower gel!” This really works well to be your voice when the customer is alone going through the brochure.

 Open House parties.

 The open house is a fantastic way to show a wide range of product and to entertain your clients in a way that is fun and stress free. Your manager can also help you with this. Invite her as guest speaker to talk about skin care or the Avon opportunity. She can also loan you the latest product for display as she has these for the Avon meetings. Set out product on tables all over your home and encourage clients to try them. You can set out your own Avon clothes, toys and other products you have bought for yourself to show clients the quality of them, even if they are not currently for sale in the brochures. Have a door prize draw and a special incentive for orders over $50 like “get a free lipstick.” Have fun with it.

 These are just a few ways you can increase your sales and be extremely successful at running your Avon business. Continue to think outside the box and build your business into something you will be proud of and that will serve you well.

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