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How Technology Improves Communication

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"How Technology Improves Communication"
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Technology has transformed communication. Many businesses have realized the significant benefits technology offers to improve communication and are taking advantage of this capability. There are several ways businesses can integrate various applications into their organizations in order to improve efficiency and productivity.

Many technologies have been assimilated into various industries to the point of it is expected employees are familiar with them. Seldom do businesses function without the usage of e-mail and other applications such as instant messaging, chat, web conferencing and video conferencing have become the norm.

Communication has been vastly improved thanks to the integration of technology. The primary ways it has affected communication is improved accessibility, flexibility and collaboration, all of which are important components of communication.

• Accessibility

A significant advantage of using technology for communication purposes is to increase access. Employers today can reach employees at any given time and employees can check in any time they need to reach the office.

Time is no longer a hindrance because people have on demand access. People don't have to wait to receive the inter-office memo; nor do they have to wait for a staff member to reach a pay phone in order to check in when out of the office. Tools such as laptops and cell phones offer constant contact and accessibility is no longer a hindrance in the workplace.

• Flexibility

Technology has also offered improvements in communication in that it has increased flexibility. Since on-demand access is now possible people can work from various locations and it is not uncommon to find people working from home, on the road, in airport terminals and other locations.

Time zones are also no longer an issue due to the flexibility technology offers. It used to be people had to get into the office extra early or stay after hours in order to reach a partner or client working from a different time zone. Thanks to tools such as e-mail people can send off their message and then check in from home for any responses.

Meetings are easier to hold because no longer do people have to travel great distances to hold a conference or struggle with coordination of differing schedules. By simply employing tools such as video and web conferencing meetings can be held virtually from any location; this offers a high degree of flexibility.

• Collaboration

When communication is improved it also enhances collaboration. Companies who integrate technology find they can increase collaboration too and as a result more productivity occurs and efficiency is improved too.

Technology gives businesses the opportunity to engage in projects which may have not been possible without technology due to differences in location and geographical distances. Thanks to technology boundaries have been effectively erased and many more projects and innovative ideas have been born and brought to fruition.

There are several key advantages technology offers in terms of improvement of communication. The increased integration of technology has broadened the scope of doing business and as a result significantly improved the ways communication takes place. As time moves forward it is probable that technology will transform communication in many more ways.

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