How Corporate Gifts can Benefit your Business

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"How Corporate Gifts can Benefit your Business"
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With business competition rife it pays to look after your client accounts well so they are less likely to stray from the fold. Naturally the quality business service and competitive pricing you offer is the essential component in retaining client account loyalty, but corporate gifts can also play their part in benefiting your business by helping to promote loyalty.

Corporate gifts aren’t really about your companies’ generosity but rather about presenting a certain image in the client’s eyes. They can show your appreciation whilst at the same time promoting your company name. The staff will particularly be won over as tend to appreciate gifts as long as they something they can enjoy and feel likes a bonus.

It is probable that rival companies will also be attuned to corporate gift giving so it is imperative that your choices of gifts are well thought out and likely to be remembered favourably. At staff level a bottle of good wine will be far more appreciated than a paperweight bearing your company logo.

The most suitable time to unroll the corporate gifts is during the holiday season or after a successful deal has been done. This way the gifts will appear to have some meaning rather than simply appearing as the bribes which they essentially are. The key is to never appear to be offering bribes.

You can emblazon your corporate gifts with your company logo or add them discreetly, with the latter being the most tasteful choice. Remember that the company will not want things around their premises which over emphasize your logo above their own as it won’t sit well when they deal with visitors. Your presence should always be discreet and secondary to that of the company you gift to.

There are companies which specialize in providing corporate gifts which can either be delivered by them or distributed by your company in person. It will make more of an impression if your company has a visual presence represented by one of your own staff, when the gifts are given. If you are only including upper management rather than a team it is preferable to have them delivered.

Popular corporate gifts for a team of people are fine wines and gourmet foods. You may even choose to distinguish between genders on the team and gift luxury chocolates to the women and cigars to the men. It is important to price your budget accordingly and ensure you don’t break any tax rules, with a rule of thumb being to stick to under $25 per person.

Corporate gift giving could benefit your company if done in the right way. Always put good taste above tat and time your gifts to maximise ties with the company you deal with. If it helps to retain account loyalty then your largesse may well pay off.

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