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Good Reasons why Employers should Promote from within

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"Good Reasons why Employers should Promote from within"
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When a new position opens up, employers can gain some benefits by promoting from within rather than searching externally to fill jobs.

Policies on internal hiring may vary from company to company, but for those companies or supervisors that tend to hire with a 'promote from within' policy, whether informal or formal, often find some good benefits to adopting this kind of hiring philosophy.

These advantages are a plus from both a strategic and financial point of view. Here are a few of the top reasons why employers should promote from within:

*Strong Knowledge of the Company

Having a strong understanding of the company's organizational culture and operational protocols is a good reason to promote from within. Existing employees already have a broad understanding of the company and already fit within the organizational culture.

Additionally they understand how the company operations, understand its mission and have intimidate familiarity with task processes. Having this close-knit knowledge is an advantage because it saves a lot of time and resources connected with learning curve involved with joining a new company.

When a person is promoted from within, most of the time they are primed and ready to leap into their new job responsibilities. There's no delay or interruptions in business continuity. Additionally they are around to pass on their knowledge to their successors.

*Less Overhead on Recruiting Process

Advertising, recruiting, interviewing and hiring new personnel takes a lot of work and is more costly than promoting existing employees. Companies that promote from within have considerable less advertising expense as well.

Interviewing also goes smoothly because the employee and employer are already familiar with one another and there's likely less details or background information to check. References are as easy as calling the employee's current supervisor. Orientation is kept to the employee learning their new job since they already have solid knowledge of the company and don't need the grand tour.

Employees already a part of the organization have all their information on file and it's an easier transition for the Human Resource component of getting an employee established in a new position than it is to get a new hire on board.

The HR process has potential to go much more smoothly and faster than it would for outside recruiting.

*Increase Staff Morale

Employees who feel they have room for advancement are likely to have higher morale levels than employees who continuously see themselves passed over in favor of 'outsiders'.

If staff members see their colleagues getting promoted, they hold hope that they too have a chance at climbing the proverbial corporate ladder and are more likely to be higher performers in their current jobs. Many employees who don't hold any hope for a promotion are likely to eventually also begin to look for employment elsewhere.

Having a record of hiring from within helps reduce employee turnover as well. Happy employees are longstanding employees.

Promoting from within is a good practice if there is a pool of employees that possess the skill-sets needed to take on a higher level position. The advantages for both the employer and the employees are vast and these benefits are worth merit to giving consideration to hiring from within.

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