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Selling items online is a great way to earn some extra cash or even to earn a living. Some people choose to basically start their own business by selling items through their own website or eBay account, while others simply try to earn some extra money for items that they no longer need or use.

Which items are best to sell online will depend upon many factors, such as what website you plan to use, how you plan to get the item to the buyer and also how in-demand the item is with consumers.

If you are simply looking to get rid of some of your own furniture or larger items that your family has outgrown (possibly before a big move), craigslist is a great option because it allows you to post sale ads free of charge for local pick-up. There may not be as much demand for your items when you limit yourself to local buyers, but this way you don't have to worry about the cost and hassle of shipping bulky, heavy items.

If your items are small, light and fairly high in value, you may want to try eBay. There is a cost associated with listing your items and also a percentage of the sales will be deducted as a "final value fee", but you will reach an international audience, which means you will most likely get more for your items.

eBay works especially well for collectables and rare items. If an item is fairly low in value, such as a widely-printed book or an older clothing item, you are better of trying a local second-hand store or consignment shop because the cost and hassle of listing and shipping your item may be higher than what someone will be willing to pay you for it.

Once you get started, you will find that selling your lightly used items online is rather easy. However, if you are looking to go into business for yourself by selling items online, a lot more research and development will be involved, as well as a great deal more potential for financial risk.

You will need to determine whether your product is in demand and what costs will be associated with selling and marketing your item. Many people create an eBay store to save on the cost of running and attracting traffic to their own private website. However, even with an eBay store there are many risks and costs involved, as well as a great deal of competition. You are at an advantage if you can provide a product that is both in demand and highly unique. Many people can offer a high quality product, but if a million other people are already selling it, you aren't going to have much success.

If you think that your product has a shot, you will need to create a business model. If you don't have a background in business and entrepreneurship, it is important that you first consult experts in the appropriate fields to help you devise a sales and marketing plan.

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