Do it yourself Christmas Gifts that Business Associates will appreciate

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"Do it yourself Christmas Gifts that Business Associates will appreciate"
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Gifts during the holidays can make a huge impact on your wallet. Unfortunately, if you give to one, you are obligated to give to all. It can be not only expensive, but a very sensitive issue when giving to business associates. Will the gift be appropriate for all ages, positions, and sexes is a struggle when deciding on just the right gift. The more important issue is will the gift be unique and one that is not forgotten. Business associates will be given calendars, daily planners, and pens by dozens of other gift givers. They are quickly forgotten and rarely used. They are stand by gifts that are the easy wait out for many gift givers.

Do-it-yourself Christmas gifts that business associates will appreciate come with your style and creative energy. They are unique and speak volumes to your gratitude of them in your work. The do-it-yourself gift will be easier on your pocketbook as well. It is a perfect gift for a valued associate. A few simple and worthwhile gift ideas are

1. Gift basket. Resale shops, garage sales, flea markets, and most retail stores sell wicker baskets for a few dollars if not less. Colored tissue paper lines the bottom with your basket that coordinates with the trinkets you place inside. Cheeses, teas, coffees, are a nice start with a matching plate or a pair of festive mugs. Include candy canes for color or other seasonal candies. Plastic wrap for your basket can be bought at a dollar store which often includes the ribbon. Once your basket is filled, simple wrap with plastic and adorn with a highly spirited bow.

2. Food. Cookies, fudge, jams, or mixes are an easy gift that say you care enough to spend time on them. The presentation of what you make is as important as the food. Place in a holiday tin or on a Holiday plate. Wrap tightly and store properly. Although it is gift you made, it is often one that is used at this time of year.

3. Candles. Candles can be made by anyone that has a stove, wax, wicks, and time on their hands. Scents and designs can make your candle gift special. Craft sites on the Internet offer hundreds of designs and instructions fro easy candle making.

4. Photo Items. Photo shops make it easy to use a picture of your business associate that can be added to a calendar, mug, or shirt. It is not considered a true do-it-yourself gift, but it is a gift that is personal and done by you for them alone. It has charm and will be remembered by the recipient.

5. Personal talent gifts. If you sew, knit, crochet, draw, paint, or make items that are worth giving to others, then the gift will be all the more loved. A scarf, blanket, painting, gloves, rug, etc are a do-it-yourself gift idea that will be treasured.

6. Scrapbooks. A small scrapbook that includes the associate in work and play will be a hit at any occasion. Paper, photos, glue gun, and scraps can make a gift that will be talked about for years.

7. Coupons. Personalize a coupon book for your associate. Include things that the person will value more than a store bought gift.

8. Do-it-yourself party. Invite all of your associates over to your home or business meeting place for an evening of fun and crafts. All will leave from an evening of festive talk, laughter, and memories with a gift that they made themselves to share with someone they love.

These are but a few do-it-yourself gift ideas that can make you a stand out in the gift giving department. Business associates spend as much time with each others as some families do. Spend the same amount of time and energy on the gift that shows your appreciation as you would a family member. The season of giving is a time that should be taken advantage of all. Let your talent and enthusiasm shine through at this special time of year. You are a star. Let your light shine brightly

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