Different Kinds of Business Letters

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"Different Kinds of Business Letters"
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Business letters are formally written letters addressed from one business organization or another, to an association, employees, subsidiaries, suppliers, customers or other external parties to whom business and administrative matters are relayed. Hence, a business letter, just like any other form of writing whether it be a novel, an editorial or an online content, has one utilitarian mission - to purport ideas, data and information in the most accurate and persuasive possible way.

In common business parlance, business technical writers have established standard forms, types and kinds of business letters. Moreover, in order to convey relevant and useful information, business letters should conform to the uniform standards and not go by their own ingenuity or originality.

In classifying business letters, subject matters are used. However, subject matters have a wide range and it may prove to be a daunting task to name each and every purpose of each and every letter. Nevertheless, there are at least five basic kinds of business letters which come as follows.

Letter of Application

Also referred to as a cover letter, this kind of letter usually comes with a resume or the comprehensive curriculum vitae. The simplest definition of an application letters is that they are used by job seekers to persuade companies to hire them. With that said, business letters of this kind should highlight a person's good qualities and achievements while concealing certain weak spots that might hurt the chances of landing the job.

Letter of Inquiry

An inquiry letter is a kind of business letter requesting specific information or details on perhaps a product, a promo or something significant and useful to the sender. More so, the letter of inquiry needs to be somehow courteous and polite. Thus, it's also important that the inquiries and request should be made clear so that it could be answered promptly.

Collection Letter

Every now and then, customers might forget, or in most cases might want to forget, to pay their due bills. Consequently, collection letters are letters which are used to politely demand payment without losing the goodwill and good relations with the customers. Needless to say, the collection letter is the most delicate kind of business letter. It should appeal to the customers and at the same time display proper authority.

Sales Letter

Sales letters from the name itself are letters that are used by companies to generate sales, introduce a particular product or to entice customers to buy from the company. The conflict in a sales letter is to blend the criterion of professionalism and personal appeal. Thus, in order to do so, sales letters must be written in a friendly way without sacrificing the guidelines of formality. It should suggest positive results and convey facts and figures for it to be effective.

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