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There is a lot of potential for sales in hosting an Avon home party. This is a fantastic way for customers to see and try the products before buying which takes the guess work out of ordering. There are several themes that you can explore to have fun and increase sales.

General Open House.

Choose a weekend to host an Open House. Address and deliver professional invitations to all your clients as well as friends and neighbours. You can even ask another friend who sells another product line, like Partylite candles or Pampered Chef products to co-host the open house with you. That way you expose your products to different set of clientele.

Borrow demo products from your Manager or other Avon reps to add to your collection of products for sample and demo. Spread out tablecloths over tables, dressers, low bookcases, etc. Use props such as mirrors laid flat on the table, themed metallic confetti, jewellery stands and boxes with cloths over them to set up displays of lipsticks, nail polish, jewellery, toys, and other product. Use directional lighting to highlight the products. Your manager might also have stands and jewellery displays she could loan you.

For clothing displays, hang them on coat stands, dressmaker's dummies or suspend a light rope from the ceiling using screw-in hooks and hang them around the room. The idea is to make the product come alive by enhancing the display.

Ask your manager to be a guest speaker at the event to talk about Avon skin care. Offer a door prize and buying incentives like “bring a friend and you both receive 20% off your order.”

Encourage your clients to stay longer by offering them refreshments. Coffee, tea, and a fruit and vegetable plate is all that is really needed. If you want to make your party more chic, you could offer wine and cheese. Wine usually lowers people's inhibitions, and coaxes more sales.

Christmas Stop and Shop

This is a great idea for Christmas shoppers without a lot of time. If you live near a business district, open up your home for a noon hour stop and shop. Invite the office to drop in on a certain day to view Christmas product and brochures and take orders. You could offer a sushi plate or a finger foods that they could munch on while shopping. Prepare your home before leaving for work in the morning, then during the noon hour, invite guests in to browse and shop. Another option is to get permission to come to the office of a client and set up a small display in an empty office or lunch room. You could hold the stop and shop over their noon hour in their own office for their co-workers to benefit from.

Mani/Pedi Party

Avon has some great products for hands and feet, including creams and soaks as well as nail polishes. Get some divided craft trays from the dollar store and some cheap towels and basins. Offer each guest a tray with samples of hand and foot lotion and scrubs and fill each basin with Avon foot soak. Allow the women to soak their feet and use their samples of foot scrub and lotion. After they've done their feet, you can rinse out the basins and do the same thing with their hands. While they are soaking their hands you can polish their toenails for them, then go around and do their nails too, or they can do their own nails. Offer the host a special discount for sales over a certain amount and also announce to the group that you are doing this and if they would like to host a mani/pedi party, they can get free or discounted product too. At the end of the party when taking orders, don't forget to ask them again if they want to book a party with you. Offer them a special incentive for doing so.

Fashion Show

Avon has some great fashions in their line, including shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, purses and jewellery. Why not get some reps together and have a fashion show, complete with runway and funky music. Talk to your manager and other reps in your district and agree to having a roving fashion show, meaning that if they model their demos at your fashion show, you will do the same at theirs for their clients. Make it a rule that which ever rep is hosting the party they will get the sales but you repay them by demoing at their party. All it takes is for three or four reps to agree and you will have a decent amount of clothes to make a nice fashion show. You can also mix and match the clothing for more trips down the runway.

Skin Care Party

To most clients skin care is a confusing proposition. With so many creams and washes, the customer may not be buying because they can't figure out how to go about the regime. Take all the guesswork out of it by offering a skin care party. The purpose of this party is to demonstrate how the different skin care lines work and their benefits. Again, you may want to ask your manager to come in and help you demonstrate it. They receive lots of training and get special bonuses for increased district sales so will be only too happy to help you. Again, at the end of the party offer sales incentives and hostess gifts.

Mommy and Me Party

What could be more appreciated than a mom's get together where the kids can play and the moms can shop? Target clients with small children with this themed party. Again, pool your resources to find demo products of toys and kids' products and let the little ones tell the moms what they like. This is a great way to Christmas shop with the kids without the kids knowing what is being bought. Just have the kids play in the other room while your clients shop from the brochures and hand you their orders covertly. You will be delivering the product later in unmarked bags anyway. And mom can pick up something for herself without the distraction of the little one acting up in the store.

These are just a few suggestions of fun and profitable ideas for home parties. If you analyze the brochure I'm sure you can think up a few ideas for home parties too.

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