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Acn a Pyramid Scheme is Acn a Scam Acn

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"Acn a Pyramid Scheme is Acn a Scam Acn"
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"ACN is the opportunity of a lifetime." "It's an Easy and efficient way to start your own business." Humor me please! I recently attended an ACN "meeting" and was, well humored to say the least. The company started in the 1990's and was successful in selling mostly long distance contracts. Sure, a few people became fairly wealthy from the company, but how many? A very small percentage.
When you sign up you have to pay a $500 fee, in which the large majority of people never generate enough profit to merely break even. Within your first month you have to sign a certain number of customers, and refer a certain number of your friends or family to sell this product. That is if you want to make any money, a mere 1/4% of your customer's monthly phone bills. This is a classical pyramid scheme, in which few people toward the top make money while the peasants with aspirations of getting rich quick don't get rich at all.
In the meeting I was in, 5 people signed up to start a franchise with this particular sales team. This team has 8-10 meetings per week, how can so many people get brainwashed so easily? Pressure, a sales-men will lure you into thinking how nice it would be to be rich in less than 3 months. If you don't sign up today you will miss out on huge opportunities. This product is breakthrough technology, so sell it before it hits critical mass. This product is endorsed by Donald Trump. Donald Trump? Big deal, a business man that is wealthy because he is famous. He sells his endorsements like a 42nd street hooker, maybe to pay for his casino he ran into the ground? Anyway back to subject, this product is not breakthrough technology and is also not an easy sale.
After years of sales experience I can tell at least what might sell, and this is definitely not on that list. It is a large bulky phone with a webcam on it. It streams live video from one video phone to the other with no better quality than a completely free chat room or email. This company lures you to pay for communication which is otherwise free.
If you are still interested in getting into these multi-level marketing companies, there are plenty of them where you don't have to invest any money at all to start. I suggest try one of those, get to learn the system before you get all hyped up at an ACN meeting and go throwing around your allowance you have been saving since you where 10 years old.

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